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Underground gas piping

Heating your house with natural gas.

Gas is cheap and effective

DK Contracting does 24/7 service on primary gas home heating systems. This includes furnaces, boilers, hot water tanks, gas fireplaces, etc. We also do sales and installation of the same. Our prefered product lines include York and its umbrella of brands, Lennox, and WeatherKing

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Air Conditioning

Residential units available from 1.5 ton to 5 ton

20 years experience installing and repairing residential airconditions of all makes. If we cannot get your old equipment functional, then we can help you select replacements, and have them installed quickly and efficently.

Owner Operator

owner operator

Owner operator

Whole house air distribution.

Ductwork to guide the airflow thru your house.

Over 20 years experience with ductwork alteration and installation. Resizing ductwork to raise ceiling heights in basement renovations, adding in heat or return runs, and troubleshooting air flow issues. On duct installation of accessory devices such as electronic air cleaners, UV devices, humidifiers, HRVs, and various controls.





Your thermostat is the brain of your furnace.

Often thermostats have batterys to keep settings saved - these should be changed yearly to keep the furnace running. Thermostats can be purchased in nonprogrammable or programmable types. Smart thermostats like Ecobee or Nest can help you stay connected to your comfort system even if you are not home. Smart thermostats NEED wifi in the home so they are reachable by internet. That being said - internet is not required for them to operate your equipment.


thermostat and HRV



Controlling the moisture in your home.

Winter in Ontario is often cold and dry. Low humidity in your home can have many ramifications. It can lead to dry skin causing fingertips, lips, nostrils to painfully crack and bleed. It also increases static in the house and in extreme conditions it can cause hardwood flooring to curl and bow. High humidity can cause condensation to form on windows and can lead to mold problems.

Moist air is easier to heat. A humidifier is essential in most areas to maintain the proper amount of humidity, and in new construction houses are VERY sealed so the use of an HRV for air exchange can help with humidity in all seasons.


thermostat and HRV



Control the cleanliness of the air you breathe.

Furnace filters, HRV filters, Humidifier Pads are all placed out of open sight, and often get neglected. A plugged up filter can damage your furnace blower motor, heat exchangers, and drastically affect air conditioner operation. Most disposable filters are sold in a bleached white color - when they come out dark in color or plugged up they should be changed immedately. Electronic air cleaners should be maintained at least yearly. HRV filters are more robust and should be cleaned/inspected yearly. Humidifier pads should be done yearly. *** furnace filters have an arrow on them - it points TOWARDS the furnace!


thermostat and HRV


Operating weather stations

JVL Scugog

inside shed



Do you need Emergency 24/7 gas heating repairs?

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